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Monthly Archives: February 2022

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: A Guide to Improving SEL

February 27, 2022

The mental toll of the pandemic, and corresponding ESSER-recommended funding, put SEL (social and emotional learning) top of mind in schools. The benefits of SEL aren’t new. What is new is the broader awareness and heightened sense of urgency to address SEL. And yet there’s little agreement on how. Maybe until now. Maslow’s Hierarchy and SEL After reflecting on the market confusion around SEL definitions, debates over who should “own” SEL in schools, and a recognition of MindPrint’s unique contribution around self-awareness, we realized Maslow’s nearly eight-decade old hierarchy provides a great model. Because it’s near-universally understood and accepted by educators, it’s a perfect starting point for gaining understanding and acceptance. Maslow’s theory explains that all humans are motivated to satisfy five fundamental needs. A person’s basic needs must be met at the… Read More

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The New, New SAT vs. ACT: Who Wins with the Adaptive SAT

February 9, 2022

Last week the College Board announced its new format for the adaptive SAT. It launches at international sites in Spring 2023 and in Spring of 2024 in the US. The changes seem to have been made with an eye towards convenience and accessibility. A shorter test with quick results will be tempting for many students. However, viewed through a cognitive lens, the story is much more nuanced. There is no test that favors all test takers equally, and an adaptive, computer-based test is no different. The adaptive SAT will be a boon to some students, but a potential minefield for others. MindPrint has long been able to project variable student performance on the SAT and ACT based on cognitive skills. Fortunately,… Read More

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