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High Dosage Tutoring Done Right: Avoid Mistakes of the Past

January 24, 2022

Defining High Dosage Tutoring Districts across the country are addressing learning loss by offering in-school “high dosage small group tutoring.” If you’re wondering what it is, or better yet, how it’s different from RtI or small group instruction the short answer is this: it’s the same. It’s the practice of teaching students based on mastery level, not grade level. It is also one of the most well-established and effective educational practices. Kudos for considering it. Despite the clear benefits, high dosage tutoring runs the risk of being another “great educational idea that failed” because schools over-simplify implementation. For high dosage tutoring to live up to  potential, schools must make an upfront investment in (1) optimizing groupings and (2) planning for differentiated instruction. Here’s how to deliver high-dosage… Read More


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Teacher Self-Care: Top 10 Strategies to Support Teacher Well-being

January 1, 2022

Why now more than ever Anyone who’s been in a school building this year can tell you they’ve never seen anything like it. Not the masks and the social distancing. We all know that. I’m referring to the teacher exhaustion. The constant stress of trying to care for their students’ social and emotional needs and making up for lost learning all while managing what we labeled “pervasive unexpected behavior“. And that’s before teachers went home every night to manage their own family’s social and emotional needs and health. Importance of teacher self-care Hopefully the holiday has given all our teachers some much deserved time to relax and rejuvenate. But the obvious challenges ahead means that schools should prepare to support and uplift their teachers for the upcoming… Read More

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If the Kids Are NOT Alright…gratitude journals

January 1, 2022

We know it’s been a long year. Your faculty and staff are exhausted and it’s only November. Everyone feels like they can’t do another thing, yet students need more support now than ever before. Consider adding gratitude journals to every classroom. Gratitude journals can have universal benefits and won’t create additional work for already exhausted teachers. What it is: A personal journal of what you value and appreciate in your life. Why do it: Feelings of gratitude are associated with a greater sense of well-being, lower stress, and stronger relationships. What could be more important at this challenging time? Fortunately, gratitude can be cultivated with practice. Who should do it: Gratitude journals are effective for all students and all ages, including adults! How to do it: Gratitude… Read More

gratitude journal

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Don’t Lower the Standards, Do Raise the Empathy

October 21, 2021

Addressing the pervasive  “unexpected behavior challenges” can be a slippery slope. What we’re hearing… Whether it’s California, Massachusetts or Texas, urban, suburban or rural, public or private, we hear the same concern from our schools: “We’ve never seen behavior like this before. It’s not just the students. It’s adults too.” Of course, we all know the reasons: stress,  anxiety, depression, too long in isolation, too much time on social media, teens wanting to make up for lost time. These social-emotional challenges are very real and they are wreaking havoc on everyone, particularly young brains. We all need time and support to heal from this experience. What you’re seeing… We see a lot of schools struggling with discipline and academic standards. Do we lower them to meet kids where they are? Do we “push” a bit… Read More

behavior problems

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Choose Your Own Adventure: The Importance of Learner Choice

September 27, 2021

For those of us who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s the reference to Choose Your Own Adventure books likely brings a nostalgic smile. What was it we universally loved so much? They certainly weren’t the best written stories. But, they empowered us. We chose the plot. We made the character’s decisions. One could say we had all the power of storytelling without the hard work of writing. For many reasons these books aren’t nearly as popular today. Perhaps the biggest one is that students don’t need them the way we did. They have the power of storytelling at their fingertips.  It’s called social media. They choose whose story they want to follow and what pictures they want to view. While adults might not like social media, teens find… Read More

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