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Mindprint provides insight that your school achievement tests don’t tell you. That’s why leading schools around the world use Mindprint. And now you can too.

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“Parents with more than one child know all too well that each can be radically different in temperament, personality and in their strengths and weaknesses. The same rules and parenting approach may work with one, but not the others. And yet this fundamental diversity in the human population is not honored within education…. But if collectively those involved in the education system changed what it means to achieve in a way that honors the natural diversity of human life, many more people would see themselves as achievers and would push themselves beyond expectations set for them.“                        Sir Ken Robinson, Teacher, Researcher, Most watched TED speaker in history

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What other parents are saying

  • Who wouldn't want a mind print of their child?!? We parents spend time, energy, and huge sums of money trying to help our kids through school. With a Mindprint, you have an invaluable tool to serve as guidepost for this all-important journey.

    Dov Engleberg, Los Angeles, CA

  • I was so relieved to finally have verification of what I had suspected for years. Mindprint Learning pinpointed the exact challenge my daughter has been experiencing. We can now move forward to address this issue to improve my daughter's academic experience.

    Judy Kutin, Princeton, NJ

  • As a parent who has been through the evaluation process (both educational and psychological evaluations) before and wished to compare findings, I found the results and recommendations of the Mindprint assessment to be both helpful and easy to understand. Each learning domain was taken apart and thoroughly explained, including how these areas can impact learning in school. There were components within the results that could be immediately utilized or focused upon.

    Jenn Vradenburgh, Bucks County, PA

  • The results of the Mindprint Assessment were impressive. Our nine-year-old had been having some difficulties with math. When the Learner Profile revealed a relative weakness in processing speed, some of the academic problems made more sense. The good news is that processing speed issues can be addressed. The assessment actually disproved our original assumptions. In my professional life, I rely on data to make most of my decisions. Conversely, I haven't had an opportunity to have such usable, precise and meaningful insight for my own child's educational development, until now.

    Tom V, Lawrence, NJ

  • When we decided to give our children the test, we didn't have any specific concerns. We just thought why not find out if there is anything there, any specific learning strengths or weaknesses that we could work on, foster, and/ or support. Why not do everything you can to help your child whenever possible?! And the results SO accurately described my children. Their profiles are exactly the people I know them to be. Each story was different, and pinpointed their specific strengths and weaknesses. The benefit is now I have the right language to use when discussing their learning abilities with teachers and school staff, and it's not just a mom's opinion. And depending on the teacher, I can give some appropriate suggestions for how they might be able to support my child the most.

    Mom of Two, Hopewell NJ