The WHY Behind NWEA
MAP Growth™ Scores

Integrated Mindprint MAP Growth™ Learning Plans provide teachers with the insight they need to address gaps and accelerate growth.

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The Basics

Mindprint for Schools

Mindprint For Tutoring And Test Prep

The Mindprint Assessment

Learner Profile

The Mindprint Toolbox

Technical Problems

Pricing & Billing

Privacy and Safety

Mindprint versus Alternative Solutions

boy writing with pencil considering the three steps: remote cognitive screening, learner profile, and action.

How it Works

  • Students take MAP Growth™ achievement tests on the regular school schedule
  • Students take Mindprint on the regular school schedule
  • Select Mindprint Learning from your Manage Data Partners page on your NWEA
    dashboard. Access integrated reports in your Mindprint account.
It’s that easy!


Why it Works

  • Mindprint cognitive skills are the best predictor of academic achievement
  • NWEA Map Growth™ normed data pinpoints student achievement gaps by standard
  • Combined data explains why gaps exist and which strategies will be most effective

Key Benefits

  • Simple, actionable Personalized Learning Plans that identify academic gaps and how to address them
  • Personalized student checklists support independent work by standard and student need
  • More effective differentiated groupings based on combined MAP Growth™ and Mindprint data

1 Hour Online, Unique Insights that Change Outcomes

mindprint Profile

The Mindprint Profile

Receive deep insight
into learning strengths
and needs

Sample Mindprint Report

combo report

Learning Plan (Front)

Understand why MAP Growth™
scores might not reflect
student’s full potential

Sample Reading Plan

sat profile

Learning Plan (Back)

Personalized learning
strategies by standard drive
learning gains

Sample Reading Plan

By combining students’ NWEA MAP Growth™ achievement data with Mindprint Learning’s cognitive data, we have multidimensional data that allows us to better understand students’ strengths and areas for growth and intentionally build supports so all students can reach high levels of achievement.

—Kara Lancome, PK-12 STEM Director, North Andover Public Schools

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