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Topic: Sleep & Nutrition

Sleep Like a Violinist

January 10, 2014

By Sarah Vander Schaaff If one of your goals is to resist the urge to over-schedule and pressure your kids, then the New Year is a good time to revisit your intentions. I found myself slipping into an old habit just a few days ago when talking with my third grader about her homework. She’d already had a big day and done her most pressing homework, but she still had to complete a Spanish assignment due later in the week. “Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today,” I said, thinking my advice was wise. Then I thought about what I was asking my eight-year-old to do: mimic me. In my effort to “stay afloat” I try to… Read More

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Have a Sensitive, Bright Child? This May Be What You’ve Been Looking For

October 25, 2013

By Sarah Vander Schaaff A few years ago when my youngest child would not sleep, I looked for help. The honeymoon of “sleeping like a baby” had ended abruptly at four months, and after more than a year of frustration, I turned to almost every doctor I could think of. “Is it her eczema?” I asked a dermatologist. “Is it a food allergy?” I asked an allergist. “Is it her teeth?” I asked a pediatric dentist. They did tests; we changed our diets; we re-read the sleep-training books; we bought softer sheets for her crib. We did everything we could think of. Still, I asked: why does she spend more time crying than sleeping each night? Finally, a pediatrician said,… Read More

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